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Open Form    Moby Dick Herman Melville Fiction 2018-08-28
Open Form    The Shotgun Rule Charlie Huston Mystery 2018-08-27
Open Form    Farewell, My Lovely - Philip Marlowe Book 2 Raymond Chandler Detective 2018-08-25
Open Form    Only to Sleep - A Philip Marlowe Novel Lawrence Osborne Mystery 2018-08-15
Open Form    The Annotated Big Sleep Raymond Chandler & Owen Hill (Editor) Mystery 2018-08-14
Open Form    Best New Horror: Volume 25 - Mammoth Book of Best New Horror Stephen Jones Horror 2018-08-02
Open Form    A Killer's Mind - Zoe Bentley Mystery Book 1 Mike Omer Thriller 2018-08-01
Open Form    Blind Sight - A Mallory Novel (12) Carol O'Connell Mystery 2018-08-01
Open Form    Dead Famous - A Mallory Novel (7) Carol O'Connell Mystery 2018-08-01
Open Form    Robicheaux - A Dave Robicheaux Novel James Lee Burke Mystery 2018-07-22
Open Form    Just a Shot Away - Peace, Love, and Tragedy with the Rolling Stones at Altamont Saul Austerlitz History 2018-07-10
Open Form    The Haunted Bakery of Seven Pines Becky Robbins & Erika M Szabo Fables 2018-06-30
Open Form    Their Last Words Steve Parker Thriller 2018-06-27
Open Form    The Puppet Maker - DI Jack Brady #5 Danielle Ramsay Thriller 2018-06-20
Open Form    Blood Reckoning - DI Jack Brady #4 Danielle Ramsay Thriller 2018-06-20
Open Form    Blind Alley - DI Jack Brady #3 Danielle Ramsay Thriller 2018-06-20
Open Form    Walk In The Fire - Judah Cannon #1 Steph Post Mystery 2018-06-17
Open Form    Dear F*cking Lunatic - 101 Obscenely Rude Letters to Donald Trump Aldous J Pennyfarthing Humor 2018-06-16
Open Form    Vanishing Point - DI Jack Brady #2 Danielle Ramsay Thriller 2018-06-14
Open Form    The Woman in the Woods - A Charlie Parker Thriller 16 John Connolly Thriller 2018-06-12
Open Form    Dead Man's Badge Robert E Dunn Thriller 2018-06-11
Open Form    Raven Black - Shetland Island Quartet Book 1 Ann Cleeves Thriller 2018-06-07
Open Form    The President is Missing Bill Clinton & James Patterson Mystery 2018-06-04
Open Form    Broken Silence - DI Jack Brady #1 Danielle Ramsay Thriller 2018-06-01
Open Form    American Conspiracies - Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us Jesse Ventura Politics 2018-06-01
Open Form    Shetland Folk Tales Lawrence Tulloch Fables 2018-05-31
Open Form    The Outsider Steven King Horror 2018-05-22
Open Form    Innocent Injustice - Angel of Justice Book 0 David Archer Thriller 2018-05-22
Open Form    Bumpty-Bumpty-Bump! - The Stephen King Daily Reader Michael Roch Humor 2018-05-16
Open Form    Understanding Wood Finishing - How to Select and Apply the Right Finish Bob Rlexner Woodworking 2018-05-14
Open Form    The Fundamentals of Segmented Woodturning - Projects, Techniques & Innovations for Today‚Äôs Woodturner James Rodgers Woodworking 2018-05-14
Open Form    Psychomania - Killer Stories Stephen Jones Horror 2018-05-11
Open Form    Robert B. Parker's Lullaby - Spenser Series Book 1 Ace Atkins Mystery 2018-05-10
Open Form    Without a Doubt Marcia Clark True Crime 2018-05-04
Open Form    Hell's Princess - The Mystery of Belle Gunness, Butcher of Men Harold Schechter True Crime 2018-05-03
Open Form    Tell Me I'm Wrong - A gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist Adam Croft Thriller 2018-05-03
Open Form    The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook - More Than 200 Fibers, from Animal to Spun Yarn Carol Ekarius & Deborah Robson Crafts 2018-05-02
Open Form    Sourdough Robin Sloan Fiction 2018-05-01
Open Form    Hell Train Christopher Fowler Horror 2018-04-30
Open Form    Tattooed Teardrops - Tamara's Teardrops Book 1 P D Workman Mystery 2018-04-29
Open Form    I'll Be Gone in the Dark - One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Kille Michelle McNamara True Crime 2018-04-25
Open Form    Getting Started in Woodturning - 18 Practical Projects & Expert Advice on Safety, Tools & Techniques John Kelsey Woodworking 2018-04-24
Open Form    Innocent Conspiracy - A Sam Pritchard Mystery #16 David Archer Mystery 2018-04-23
Open Form    Except the Dying - Murdoch Mysteries #1 Maureen Jennings Mystery 2018-04-18
Open Form    A Higher Loyalty - Truth, Lies, and Leadership James Comey Non-Fiction 2018-04-17
Open Form    Trouble in Paradise - A Rachel Knight Story 02 Marcia Clark Thriller 2018-04-11
Open Form    If I'm Dead - A Rachel Knight Story 01 Marcia Clark Thriller 2018-04-11
Open Form    Macbeth - Hogarth Shakespeare Jo Nesbo Thriller 2018-04-10
Open Form    Claws for Concern - Cats in the Stack # 9 Miranda James Mystery 2018-04-08
Open Form    Double Wide Leo W Banks Western 2018-03-29
Open Form    The Competition - Rachel Knight Book 4 Marcia Clark Thriller 2018-03-28
Open Form    Killer Ambition - Rachel Knight Book 3 Marcia Clark Thriller 2018-03-27
Open Form    To Die but Once - A Maise Dobbs Novel #14 Jacqueline Winspear Detective 2018-03-27
Open Form    The Sandman - Joona Linna Series Book 5 Lars Kepler Thriller 2018-03-20
Open Form    Guilt by Degrees - Rachel Knight Book 2 Marcia Clark Thriller 2018-03-17
Open Form    Murder Lake - Ellen Rockne Myster Series Book 1 Dan Ames Mystery 2018-03-15
Open Form    Guilt by Association - Rachel Knight Book 1 Marcia Clark Thriller 2018-03-14
Open Form    The Reunion - An utterly gripping psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist Samantha Hayes Thriller 2018-03-11
Open Form    The Cleaner - John Milton #1 Mark Dawson Thriller 2018-03-08
Open Form    Snap Judgement - Samantha Brinkman Book 3 Marcia Clark Thriller 2018-03-08
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