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Open Form    A Spot of Bother Mark Haddon Fiction 2008-02-09
Open Form    Real World Natsuo Kirino Fiction 2008-07-20
Open Form    Revolutionary Road Richard Yates Fiction 2009-02-02
Open Form    The Hour I First Believed Wally Lamb Fiction 2009-04-09
Open Form    Second Chance Jane Green Fiction 2008-07-30
Open Form    The Good Life Jay Mcinerney Fiction 2007-12-23
Open Form    The Jungle Upton Sinclair Fiction 2008-04-25
Open Form    Something Blue Emily Giffin Fiction 2008-09-04
Open Form    Something Borrowed Emily Giffin Fiction 2008-08-17
Open Form    Soul Identity Dennis Batchelder Fiction 2008-06-09
Open Form    The Great Gatsby F Scott Fitzgerald Fiction 2009-03-19
Open Form    Drood Dan Simmons Fiction 2009-03-13
Open Form    The Source James A. Michener Fiction 2008-04-25
Open Form    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass Lewis Carroll Fiction 2008-04-16
Open Form    The Beach House Jane Green Fiction 2008-07-15
Open Form    Notting Hell - A Novel Rachel Johnson Fiction 2007-12-30
Open Form    Netherland Joseph O'Neill Fiction 2009-06-03
Open Form    The Secret Agent Joseph Conrad Fiction 2008-10-15
Open Form    The Secret Life of Bees Sue Monk Kidd Fiction 2008-09-27
Open Form    The Book Thief Markus Zusak Fiction 2009-02-02
Open Form    Sunnyside Glen David Gold Fiction 2012-08-18
Open Form    The Ghost in Love - A Novel Jonathan Carroll Fiction 2009-03-22
Open Form    Life Class Pat Barker Fiction 2009-06-03
Open Form    The Ghost - A Novel Robert Harris Fiction 2009-02-12
Open Form    Wake Up Jack Kerouac Fiction 2009-06-21
Open Form    The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death Laurie Notaro Fiction 2009-01-09
Open Form    Gone with the Windsors Laurie Graham Fiction 2009-06-17
Open Form    The Iron Heel Jack London Fiction 2008-12-12
Open Form    Believe Daniel Oran Fiction 2008-01-02
Open Form    Snow Flower and the Secret Fan - A Novel Lisa See Fiction 2008-05-04
Open Form    The Story of Edgar Sawtelle David Wroblewski Fiction 2008-07-14
Open Form    Darkmans Barker Nicola Fiction 2008-06-23
Open Form    World Without End Ken Follett Fiction 2008-04-25
Open Form    PS I Love You - A Novel Cecelia Ahern Fiction 2008-02-09
Open Form    Babbit Sinclair Lewis Fiction 2008-12-12
Open Form    Slaughterhouse Five Kurt Vonnegut Fiction 2008-04-25
Open Form    Bitter is the New Black Jen Lancaster Fiction 2008-09-30
Open Form    Around The World In 80 Days Jules Verne Fiction 2009-06-21
Open Form    Atonement - A Novel Ian Mcewan Fiction 2008-04-09
Open Form    The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Junot Diaz Fiction 2008-04-24
Open Form    Lush Life Richard Price Fiction 2008-04-14
Open Form    Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad Fiction 2008-04-25
Open Form    Chasing Harry Winston - A Novel Lauren Weisberger Fiction 2008-07-09
Open Form    A Thousand Splendid Suns Khaled Hosseini Fiction 2008-04-25
Open Form    The Anatomy of Deception Lawrence Goldstone Fiction 2008-04-25
Open Form    Rant - The Oral Biography of Buster Casey Chuck Palahniuk Fiction 2008-05-19
Open Form    Child 44 Tom Rob Smith Fiction 2008-04-30
Open Form    The Last Town on Earth - A Novel Thomas Mullen Fiction 2008-05-16
Open Form    1945 - A Novel Robert Conroy Fiction 2008-04-25
Open Form    Good in Bed Jennifer Weiner Fiction 2008-12-03
Open Form    The Nanny Diaries Nicola Kraus Fiction 2007-12-23
Open Form    Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck Fiction 2009-03-21
Open Form    The Age Of Innocence Edith Wharton Fiction 2009-03-22
Open Form    Little Earthquakes Jennifer Weiner Fiction 2008-09-06
Open Form    Mr. Maybe Jane Green Fiction 2008-12-09
Open Form    Rachael's Holiday Marian Keyes Fiction 2009-06-11
Open Form    My Name Is Red Orhan Pamuk Fiction 2008-12-12
Open Form    My Name Is Will Jess Winfield Fiction 2008-08-01
Open Form    Neverwhere Neil Gaiman Fiction 2008-06-26
Open Form    Out Stealing Horses Per Pettersen Fiction 2009-01-03
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